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Video Reviews 2012

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Airsoft Wars: Modern Mafia

Our first video in 2012, Modern Mafia was filmed on a brand new camera which gave the video considerably higher quality than previous uploads. This video is one of the first videos where we began to film with more camera techniques and angles. Although still not as advanced as newer uploads, it still provides entertainment with a decent plot, new gun props, and great music. Think of it as a newer version of another, similar upload of ours, Airsoft Wars: The Gang.

Plot Summary: Sergeant Hill and Corporal Foley are sent in to shut down a local mafia. They attack their main facility, rescue all hostages, and nab stolen money. However, things take a sudden turn when the mafia leader returns from his most recent heist.

Additional Information
Upload Date: January 16, 2012
Views: Over 2000
Likes: 25+
Actors: Ben Sams as Sergeant Hill
Grayson Hamilton as Corporal Foley
Garrison Hamilton as Mafia
Jason Sams as Hostage

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