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Our Series

What are our series?

At MegaXtremeFilms, we enjoy making videos that are a part of a series. We make a continuous plot out of multiple videos that are all a part of one series of videos. Our main series are listed below.

Airsoft Wars

Our largest series by far, the videos in this series don't usually follow a plot. A few are placed in different parts, but most of the videos do not follow one main plot. This is by far our most succesful series, with half of the videos having the most views on our channel. As the title implies, the main focus of the videos besides the story are the Airsoft guns. Statistics are below.

Number of videos: 16
Most viewed: Airsoft Wars: Hostage Rescue (Part one) with 4,000 views and counting.

Below is a sample of the series!



Unlike the previous series, the videos in this one all follow one main plot. The series revolves around a group of detectives who are sent in to complete challenging missions. Though not as successful as the previous series, it still is just as good and provides a great amount of action and a great plot! Statistics are below.

Number of videos: 4
Most viewed: Detectives: The Drug Dealer with almost 400 views
Main characters: Detective Jon Harrison
Detective Jacob Lugger

Below is a sample of the detectives series! It is the first video in the series!

Dead Earth

We recently started a new series set during the zombie apocalypse called "Dead Earth". It focuses on Daniel Coleman and Michael Braxton, two survivors who met by fate, and their conflicts with the undead and other survivors. Filled with great dialouge, effects, and acting, we really hope you enjoy this brand new series! Statistics are below.

Number of videos: 5
Most viewed: Dead Earth Epsiode 1: "Day 57" (Zombie Short/Webseries)
Main Characters: Daniel Coleman
Michael Braxton
Richard Lee

Supporting Characters: Austin

Below is the first episode!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent in Real Life

Based off of the terrifying computer game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent in Real life is a great horror series we recently created. We took the game on our own course and built a new plot, with a lot of scary elements. It is sure to give you a great scare! Statistics are below.

Number of Videos: 2
Most Viewed - Amnesia: The Shadow Arrives

Below is a sample of the series!