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Dead Earth

Created in 2013, Dead Earth is our zombie web series and is by far our largest production yet with 8 episodes in the main series. It focuses on three characters who are each struggling to survive in a world ruled by the dead.


SPOILER ALERT: Below is a plot summary of each episode. Important details WILL be given away. 

Episode 1: "Day 57"

Set 57 days after the beginning of the outbreak, Episode 1 opens with a lone man talking to a video recording on a railroad bridge. He explains that he is running low on resources and hasn't seen a living human for weeks. He fears his time is coming to an end as the impending danger of the "biters" draws ever so close. Stating his name is Daniel Coleman, he ends his recording and takes out a biter below him. He jumps down below the bridge and is almost attacked by another, but is saved last second by another man standing on the bridge above him. The two walk down the tracks, exchanging information about each other. Daniel's savior reveals his name to be Michael Braxton. Michael explains that he lost his companion to biters a week earlier, and tells Daniel he is held up at another bridge down the tracks. When they arrive, Daniel takes out a biter rummaging around with his knife. As they prepare to set up camp, a group of biters emerges from the woods. Daniel uses his gun to take out two, while Michael uses his hatchet to kill one and his gun to finish off the other. The two return back to bridge, preparing for what the future holds for them.


Episode 2: "New Friends, New Enemies"

A few days after the events of Episode 1, Episode 2 begins with Daniel and Michael taking out two stray biters who wandered into their area. They notice a straggler down the tracks but notice that it is carrying a gun. Daniel and Michael aim their weapons at the girl, who claims she only wants a few resources. After disarming her, Daniel walks down the tracks to check the perimeter while Michael talks to her to get more information. She reveals her name to be Kate. As Daniel walks down the tracks, he is tackled by another man. Introducing himself as Richard Lee, he tells Daniel that he is hunting Kate because she attacked his camp. Back at the bridge, Kate reveals her true intentions by swiping Michael's gun from his hand. As she prepares to execute him, Richard disarms her by shooting the gun out of her hand. Daniel introduces Michael and Richard, and the men tie Kate to a tree. As they discuss what to do with her, a group of biters emerges from the trees. The group takes out a few, but ultimately flee as more begin to emerge. Kate begs for her life but is eaten alive by a group of biters.

Episode 3: "Refuge"

The episode begins with the group on the run from a group of biters. After taking out a few, Daniel is out of ammo, followed by Michael. Richard finishes off the last biter, turning to shoot it down. As he turns back, he realizes Daniel and Michael have been separated from him. He begins to reload his revolver, but is attacked by a powerful biter. He struggles on the ground with it, eventually getting up and being pushed against a tree. Richard kicks the biter to the ground and shoots it. Exhausted, he runs after Daniel and Michael. When he rejoins them, they decide to check a few houses they found. The group notices a body floating in the pond by the house. Richards shoots it, but it reemerges by the side of the pond suddenly and Richard takes it out. The group runs to a house, chased by a few biters in the back. They enter the house and take a rest. Richard tells the two about the biter he was attacked by and how he believes some of the biters are different from the others. When Michael is almost attacked by another biter, Daniel decides to clear the house out. Richard and Michael go upstairs while Daniel checks another room downstairs. He enters the room and discovers a boy who reveals himself to be Austin. Austin tells Daniel about a gun collection he has, and the two go upstairs to meet the others. Meanwhile, Michael takes out a biter upstairs while Richard checks the garage. He is surprised to discover two biters who charge at the door. Richard calls for Michael, and Michael enters and take the two out with Kate's shotgun. They regroup with Daniel, who introduces Austin to the group. Austin tells the group that the biters Michael killed were his brothers, and also reveals that the gun collection he was talking about is at a warehouse down the road. The group decides to raid it the next morning.

Episode 4: "Swarmed"

The episode begins the morning after the events of the previous episode. Daniel wakes the group up, and they head outside to the car. While Austin gets the keys, Michael and Richard take out a biter outside and Daniel stabs another. When Austin returns with the keys, the group gets in the car and drives off for the warehouse. Austin informs the group that the gun collection is located in a storage room inside the warehouse. When the group arrives, they drive around back and take out two stray biters. Entering through the back, the group wonders into the main lobby of the warehouse. After taking out a few more biters, Daniel discovers the door to the storage room is locked. Austin and Richard split off to go find the keys while Daniel and Michael stay behind. Daniel inspects a side room only to find it infested with biters. They swarm the door and begin pressing against it. Daniel and Michael attempt to keep it shut. Meanwhile, Austin finds the key and he and Richard walk back to the lobby. Richard is suddenly attacked by a swift biter and Austin shoots it off of him. When they reenter the lobby, Daniel urges them to get the guns quickly. Austin unlocks the door and hands Richard the gun bag. Michael and Daniel let go of the door and run off as the large group of biters pours into the room. The group runs outside with the swarm in pursuit. They get into their car and open fire into the biters as they pull away.

Episode 5: Lost Memories

The episode takes place 2 months after the warehouse incident, and the group has set up a system of traps around the house to protect themselves against biters. As Daniel oversees these traps from the back porch, Michael walks out. He infers that Richard will return from his raid to the town soon. Daniel decides to clear out the traps to avoid having the dead biters rot in the backyard. He removes a biter from the rabbit trap and stabs it. He shoots the other two biters and approaches the second trap, which is a large net. He kills the three biters that are ensnared in the trap. He and Michael move the biters to a large pile of bodies. Richard pulls in just as they move the last body. Daniel and Michael approach him, noticing that he picked up a new car in place of the minivan. He pulls out a bag of resources he found while on his search. The group then notices that Austin has been missing since the morning. The group heads inside and prepares their weapons to search for him. Daniel tells Michael to check the back and Richard says he will inspect the woods. The group splits up. The scene then cuts to Austin, who is out on a wooded path. He notices two biters devouring a corpse. He shoots both of them as they begin to stumble towards him. Blood splatters across his face, and he goes to sit down on a nearby log. Scene cuts back to Daniel and Michael. Richard has already headed out, and the two split up after a brief discussion. Daniel heads around back and avoids stepping on another trap. A biter follows him and steps on the trap, triggering a mine explosion. Daniel stumbles and catches the attention of Michael. Richard then communicates via walkie-talkie that he is about to head into the woods. Scene cuts back to Austin, who gets up of the log and begins walking back down the path. A corpse leaning against a tree stirs as Austin walks by it, and it slowly stands up, revealing that it is missing an arm. It charges Austin and tackles him to the ground. His pistol is just out of reach as the biter claws at him. Just as the biter is about to strike him, Richard takes it out with his sniper rifle.